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Address:23-16, 2 Chome, Higashi Ueno, Taito Ward, Tokyo 110-8645

About Eiju General Hospital

We are a regional flagship hospital, with 400 beds, located close to the JR Ueno Station, providing acute care in Taito ward area.
Our main goal is building the kind of medical care environment expected of a flagship hospital in Taito ward. At our hospital, the entire staff is dedicated to providing safe and secure medical services that satisfy the needs of our patients.


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Pulmonary Medicine

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Thoracic Surgery

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Palliative care

Emergency medicine


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Community Health Coordination Center

Medical Care

We urge you to bring along someone who can speak Japanese when arriving for outpatient or emergency department services. Please understand that those who do not have their Japanese health insurance card with them will need to bear their own expenses.

Outpatient visits

Consultation hours: Mondays to Saturdays; 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

※The Pediatrics Department closes at 11:30 a.m.
※Both the Neurosurgery and Dermatology departments have different consultation hours depending on the day of the week.
※In some departments, you may not be able to see the doctor if your first visit is in the afternoon.

On your first visit

Please come to the General Information Desk and submit your health insurance card and referral letter. You will receive a ticket once you have registered. After completing your consultation and tests, please proceed to the Cashier.
※Please understand that visits without a referral will incur a fee of 3,780 yen (tax included). (“Fee for treatment of patient’s choice”).

For subsequent visits

Patients who make regular visits, have been previously registered at our hospital, or require injections or drug prescriptions are considered subsequent visitors.
※Please bring your Japanese health insurance card with you. We will be checking it every month.

Patients with an appointment

Please insert your patient ID into the automated check-in machine and receive your registration ticket. After completing your consultation and tests, please proceed to the Cashier.

Patients without an appointment

Please bring your referral letter to the check-in counter. After completing your consultation and tests, please proceed to the Cashier.

Emergency Care

At the Emergency Department, we mainly accept those transported by ambulance. However, we will provide medical care to patients arriving on foot if we consider their conditions grave and requiring immediate care.

An emergency room (ER) specialist and doctors in training will be on duty and will provide medical care during the day in the ER.
Out-of-hours patients will be handled by one internist, and one surgeon, and one obstetrics and gynecologist, while liaising with specialist doctors when considered necessary.

Out of Hours Medical Fee

As a secondary emergency care facility, we accept patients who require immediate hospitalization 24 hours a day.
Please understand that visits by patients who are not considered as requiring immediate treatment or hospitalization will incur an “out-of-hours medical fee” of5,400 yen (tax included.)

Contact for Out-of-hours Emergency Care: